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Everything You Need to Start Selling Online

You must already know that traditional SEO practices are focused on getting your website ranked higher on search engines, but with local SEO there is a slight difference. It focuses exclusively on your website, and your Google My Business page, so that people in your area see your website first. However, you need to both local & traditional SEO for your business website.

Google will not always display your business page through local SEO, which is why you need traditional SEO tactics to ensure better search results. This will help increase visibility when customers enter a relevant keyword, and this will force Google to display your business page. However, for this to happen you need to optimize your Business page.

All types of businesses are welcome to use local SEO, both small businesses and large scale operations. However, local SEO isn’t necessary for e-commerce businesses, because they don’t have a physical location, and therefore it is pointless. If your business has a physical address, then you must take advantage of local SEO.

Local SEO focuses on the location of your business, so if someone is searching for coffee in Nairobi , they would want businesses that are the closest to them.

Google understands this, and will therefore consider the location of the business versus the location of the search. Therefore, you will have an advantage if in the rankings if people near your location are searching for your products or services.